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We are all #foodrescuers here

An eco-community on a mission to rescue food from landfill

Discover our food boutique where unsold food, otherwise destined for destruction, is rescued and diverted from the bin, and instead offered to our community.  Uncooked food is recovered from local food-based busineses and is offered on a pay-as-you-feel (PAYF) basis making it accessible and encouraged to all members of the community.  In addition to the provision of rescued food, we provide regular opportunities to learn about limiting food waste in your own home as well as creating a community of like-minded individuals to come together to share and learn from each other.


Think Global, Act Local

The Global Issue
In the UK
North Herts


Think Global, Act Local

The Global Issue

Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption (approx 1.3 billion tonnes) gets wasted or lost every year. It is estimated that this will rise by a third by 2030 to a staggering 2.1bn tonnes, equivalent to 66 tonnes per second.

Source: FAO, 2019

In the UK

UK households produce around 7 million tonnes of food waste each year, of which 5 million tonnes is ‘still edible’.

Source: DEFRA, 2018

North Herts

In 2015, a composition analysis of the purple bin (landfill) showed each household is throwing away approximately 3.12kg of recyclable material each week. The largest proportion of this is food waste which equates to 21% of the average purple bin.

Source: NHDC 2015



Practice the 6Rs


Say no to any single-use plastics and packaging. Say no to disposables and anything which will end up in landfill. Refuse to use or purchase anything with no shelf life or multi-use function. Refusing will lessen the demand for such items.


Reduce the quantity of products and food you buy. Question whether you really need it all, and whether the ‘2-for-1’ deal or ‘40% extra free’ is necessary? Are you going to consume it? Are you going to waste it and chuck it?


Eat your leftovers! Cook up a different meal with last night’s leftovers and enjoy eating something new. Otherwise, cook only the correct portion at the time. Use tupperware boxes to go food shopping and always take your reusable bags!


If it can be recycled, always recycle it correctly. Check the labels and ensure no contamination is present such as food residue. Always look for the recyclable alternative and shop consciously.


Everything else should be compostable. All food peelings for instance can be put straight into a compost or your food caddy bin which is turned into fertiliser for local farmland. Composted waste is then reused in your garden.


Rescue existing and perfectly good foods and other non-compostable waste items destined for landfill. Reinvent rescued products into new meals and dishes, and freeze suitable items for longer end life.


There is no planet B

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish

Food waste amounts to a major squandering of resources – water, land, energy and capital – and needlessly produce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.

There are 510 landfill sites in the UK, all of which were previously inhabited by native flora and fauna.

The demand for higher yields of crops in the UK has left very little ecological value on our farmlands.  Yet, crops are often thrown away on the premises due to their visual appearance.

Urgent action is required at a local and individual level


until we face a climate change catastrophe


You can #rescuefood


The Attimore Hall Pub,
Welwyn Garden City, AL7 2AD

09.30 am – 11.00am




The Half Moon Pub
57 Queen Street
Hitchin, SG4 9TZ

09.30am – 11am



How it works

Pay-As-You-Feel (PAYF)

Everything at the Food Rescue Hub is offered on a Pay-As-You-Feel (PAYF) basis. PAYF is about you offering a contribution. We are asking for a suggested £5 minimum donation whilst also encouraging you to leave as much as you feel your bags of goodies are worth. We wouldn’t be here without your contribution and good will – thank you for keeping this project alive. We take cash & card payments or you can even donate right here online


Behind the Scenes #foodrescuers

Lisa Harmer
Lisa HarmerHub Director and Project Lead
Lisa is a swimming instructor and Tropic Skincare & Makeup Ambassador.

Lisa loves food and family get-togethers around a dining table.

Lynn Grounds
Lynn GroundsExecutive Team Member
Lynn’s vast experience makes her the ideal person to work right across our volunteer team and visitor experience.
Eddie Ward
Eddie WardExecutive Team Member
Eddie is a retired Engineering General Manager who, when he is not looking after his grandson, love to help save the planet, 10 cratefuls at a time!
Emma Ince Goulding
Emma Ince GouldingHub Founder & Agent for Change
Samantha King
Samantha KingGraphic Designer
Samantha has helped bring the Hub to life. Her flare for detail and deep understanding of what the Hub needs has given the project its identity.
Gaby Prothero
Gaby ProtheroWeb Design & Social Media
Gaby is a web designer, creator of this website and heads up our social media.
Charlotte Johnson
Charlotte JohnsonEcologist & Blogger
An Ecologist on maternity leave, Charlotte is on a sustainable parenting journey!

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We are indebted to our fabulous photographers, Sharon Cooper and Alexa Loy, for their support and dedication to our cause.  You can find out more about them below.


A little support makes a big difference

Donate food

Whether you’re a big chain supermarket or a small local bakery or food outlet, we want to hear from you if you have surplus food for donation. We are always keen to receive surplus fruit & veg from allotment holders.


Thursdays (HITCHIN)
0830 – 0900am

Saturdays (STEVENAGE)
0900 – 0930am


Contact us to collect on 07921 917512


Email us to arrange a collection


Please complete the form and tell us more about you and how you’d like to help.  We endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Donate cash

    We’ve been overwhelmed by the genuine love and support we’ve had from the outset of this project.  Many people have not only pledged their time to help but also have asked how they can pledge cash donations or help another person out with our Pay-it-Forward scheme.
    Your support really will make a huge difference not only to the scope of this project but also to your local community.
    We thank you.
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